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Blueprint Broadcasting Inc. was founded in 2011 to help local businesses advertise their brands on the radio. The company has partnered with over 70,000 businesses and has used its creative marketing platforms to help these businesses get their messages out. Also, Blueprint Broadcasting Inc. has put out useful and educative public service announcements that have positively impacted several communities across the country.

For instance, due to Blueprint Broadcasting Inc.’s many public service announcements, more people are conscious of slowing down around school zones, and more people are aware of the fatal implications of drinking and driving. Similarly, more motorists are acquainted with the fact that they should not improperly overtake a school bus that is loading children.

Blueprint Broadcasting Inc. was able to achieve these by partnering with over 200 radio stations across different states of the United States. The company also owns several licensed online radio stations that are hosted and can be streamed online on an app called Live 365.

Blueprint Broadcasting Inc

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Blueprint Broadcasting Inc
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